Welcome all Homeschoolers!

Kids, please have your parents permission before purchasing anything on this site.

What is Minecraft for HomeSchoolers? Minecraft for Homeschoolers is a dedicated server where HomeSchoolers can play Minecraft with each other.

I created this server for Homeschoolers because my children homeschool and they wanted to play Minecraft with other Homeschoolers. Upon searching for servers for my kids to play, I found that many just let anyone play on their servers and it's not monitored. This caused me to be to be alert as the interactions my child was having are not monitored. When parents decide to sign their child up to our server, we keep chat logs and ban players who swear or perform other unpleasant acts while in-game. We do this to ensure that the child(ren) are not being bullied and so the parents can feel safe knowing that their child is playing Minecraft in a safe and fun envirionment.

We monitor the servers for performance and uptime. We also monitor the chat logs to ensure that there is no inappropriate behaviour happening. If inappropriate behaviour occurs, the user(s) will get three strikes. If the behaviour is not corrected by the third strike we ban those players from returning and playing on our servers. Any child that wants to appeal a ban must go through their parents and a written explanation of how the behaviour is going to be fixed must be sent directly from the parents to appeals@minecraft-homeschool.com.

Parents, the cost of using our servers for Minecraft is a low $5.00 per month. This money is used to pay for the server hosting and bandwidth used. As our Minecraft-Homeschool community grows the money will be used to increase the Infrastructure required to continue running the game smoothly.

Parents, if you have any questions or concerns please contact us directly at webmaster@minecraft-homeschoolers.com.